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Our next chapter: A new home

Introducing the Nonprofit Center at the Armory
Robin Miner-Swartz/CRCF

After many months of planning and renovating, several Lansing-based nonprofits will be calling the former Marshall Street Armory home this fall.

The historic building at 330 Marshall St. in Lansing is set to open in November 2011. The Nonprofit Center at the Armory will house the offices of the Michigan Nonprofit Association, Capital Region Community Foundation, Capital Area United Way, Michigan Association of United Ways, the Food Bank Council of Michigan and other nonprofits.

The organizations based in the Armory represent a diverse collection of Mid-Michigan’s nonprofit leaders and funders, and the shared space encourages collaboration in every sense of the word.

The Nonprofit Center at the Armory will be a beacon for Mid-Michigan’s nonprofit community, serving both as a place from which to request fund­ing and assistance as well as a place to think, plan, meet and innovate. It is a true “center” from which energy will radiate in all directions.

Through seven months of renova­tions, the building that was originally constructed in 1924 as an armory for the 119th Field Artillery is being transformed inside and out to serve as an efficient workplace and a comfort­able, effective public meeting space for local and statewide philanthropic efforts.

Inside, the history of the Armory will come to life through pictures, stories and memorabilia from throughout its existence — an existence that also included weddings, circuses, sales, sporting events and more. Outside, the Armory’s grounds will welcome back two large non-opera­tional guns which sat on the property for many years during its military life.

Multiple spaces will be available to bring people and groups together to collaborate to address community issues with the hope of forging new partnerships and strengthening those that already exist.

A large community room, sponsored by the Community Foundation, will be available for book­ing by local nonprofit groups to host meetings, seminars and training. The room will be equipped with wire­less Internet access and offer a small kitchen for limited food preparation.

Additionally, Gillespie Group will move its offices into the Armory.